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Would you like to have the peace of mind of knowing that nobody is using the same Beat as you? Would you like to really go far with your unique sound? Imagine getting a sound that no one else can have. Hassle-free, easy and fast. Set trends guaranteeing results! If you are demanding with your music and what you want are unique and original instrumentals created following your personal style, you are in the right place for it.

Forget about licenses entirely and focus on how you would like your custom beats to be, down to the smallest detail. This is the next step to take your career to another level.



My name is Gradozero Beats and I am a professional music producer from Spain.

Over the years, I have produced hundreds of songs for myself, I have worked with artists from all over the world, and much of that work has been tailored exactly to their measurements and needs.

I have worked and still do with some of the most important Spanish artists, such as Nach, ZPU, Rapsusklei, Lopes, Ambkor, Kaze, SHÉ, Capaz, Babi, Locus and many more national and international musicians, as well as with the best world company of Freestyle Battles: Redbull Batalla de los Gallos.

Thank you for showing interest in my Custom Beats Service.

Let me explain what exactly I am offering.


Would you like to evolve in your career until you achieve the best results in music? Thanks to our custom beat creation service, you will have the opportunity to accompany your tracks with instrumentals of the highest quality and excellence.

On the web, I always try to find the middle ground between proximity and professionalism, since knowing the client both in their tastes and preferences, is the clearest and most direct way to understand their essence to carry out the beat.

And, in addition to focusing on the artist's style, I have knowledge of the most innovative techniques in the sector. Are you going to run out of your purchase of custom beats? Ahead!


The creation of these customized instrumentals are accompanied by a complete pack of advantages, functions and services carried out with great work and effort, all with the aim of giving the best product to artists in the industry. You dare?

Custom Beat

Customized Beat according to your tastes, preferences and styles of music. You will not find any service so close!

Exclusive License

Your Beats come with an exclusive and unique license. What does this mean? That only you can use it, register the Content ID to protect your song, etc.

Mix & Mastering

The mixing and mastering processes are essential once you have recorded a song, so we offer a complete job and guaranteed results.

Custom Beats Examples

Guaranteed results! These videos add up to more than 25M views! These artists decided to take their music to the next level. Do you want to be the next?


How does the custom instrumental creation process work in Gradozero Beats? To carry it out, it is important that the client follow a series of steps that I expose below, in order to achieve the greatest possible understanding.

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All cards accepted. MasterCard, American Express, VISA, Discover etc.

  1. Once you fill in the form and make the payment ...
  2. You will receive some ideas in less than 7 days, at this time you can accept one, request a different one or request a refund of your money.
  3. Once you accept an idea, we will start the production process. It is now when we will create music, adapt your lyrics etc ... We will be in contact by Mail until everything is perfect.
  4. Mixing and mastering. In less than 5 days you will have your song playing with the professional quality you have always wanted.
  5. Finished project! You will receive your song ready to upload it to all digital platforms in Wav, Mp3, by tracks and a live version.


Are you ready to take your music career to another level? Thanks to the personalized packs of Gradozero Beats, you will have the possibility of living a unique experience with the equipment and the set of factors that bring it closer to your preferences: personalized attention to create the best Beats for your songs.


Compare the differences between both plans

Unlimited Plan


Custom Beat

Unlimited License (non exclusive)

Limited Reviews (Max. 3 Reviews)

Youtube Monetization

Upload to Spotify, Apple Music...

Song Mix (Prepared for Platforms and Live)

Song Mastering

The Beat Is Only For You

You Can Register Content ID and Protect Your Song

Exclusive Plan


Custom Beat

Exclusive License

Unlimited Reviews

Youtube Monetization

Upload to Spotify, Apple Music...

Song Mix (Prepared for Platforms and Live)

Song Mastering

The Beat Is Only For You

You Can Register Content ID and Protect Your Song


  • Kako M.

    "I have worked with a lot of very professional producers but in my case If I choose Gradozero as the main producer is because: 1 He has a gift for creating melodies and that is something you have or you don't, that simple. 2 Not only a producer is good because of creating melodies, we speak of a professional with the ability to satisfy an artist need, so he has to know how to listen, be intuitive and prescribe what it's necessary for him. This is the main aspect for me to stay with him. 3 When he has had to get involved, he has shown me that he is there and is a producer who does not let you down."

  • No Blood Family

    "I requested a personalized beat because I was looking for something very specific and he hit the target immediately, for future projects I will do the same, since the level of satisfaction, professionalism and result have been brilliant, 100% recommended."

  • Capaz

    “Gradozero knows how to find the essence that the artist is looking for each song, he is a very versatile and clean producer. Any idea, he captures it on the fly. I´m very happy with the 2 pieces that we created for my last work 20 Golpes.”

  • Shé

    "It is difficult to find producers who have a vision and a sensitivity compatible with that of the artist, both when creating and throughout the song process, and for me Gradozero is one of those producers." A great discovery and will undoubtedly form part of my future projects. "

  • Endecah

    "He will do what you have in mind and if it does not, it will be better still."

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