First Time Leasing Beats

why you should leave the Free Beats behind


As I told you on other occasions, before I was selling rhythms online I was in your place: singing and rapping, using free rhythms and buying rhythms online. I can imagine the situation you are in now and the reason why you have decided to read this article.

Maybe you are starting but you want to start seriously from the beginning, or you have been doing music for a while but things start to get interesting. Maybe you're looking to buy beats because you don't want to keep using tagged free beats or maybe you already have reached a level where the next logical step is to license the beats you are using. If any of those is your situation you are in the right place so let's go there.

Let's clarify some points about the Free Beats.

An easy way to recognize a free beat is by tags that sound every 30 seconds. These tags are there precisely to protect the Beat and once a license is purchased, it will no longer have the tags. Yes, for example, you have Beats but you don't have an agreement you are not authorized to use the Beat for commercial purposes. And that may include platforms such as Facebook or Soundcloud, which are used today to monetize content.

Therefore, as you can see, you can't do much with a free Beat, rather nothing. Free Beats or free downloads are intended:

  • For artists to try before buying.
  • To record on top and see if your letter fits with the Beat.
  • To record a demo and teach it before buying a license.
  • To make sure that investment is worth it.

On YouTube there are many producers who have in the title of their video words like ¨FREE DL¨




Since in most cases you can download the Beat but DO NOT use or simply put those words for strategic purposes to position the video on the platform, but without a use license, it is still illegal to use them.
This is the phrase that every producer hates: "Can I get this free Beat? I'll give you credit" so I think that strategy is a bit confusing if it will later attract this kind of "customers".

In defense of the producers, I will say that it is also true that many people download Beats illegally without asking for any kind of permission, therefore, I am not ashamed to tell someone to acquire a license to use the Beat. It's the best for both of us, since if I want, I can get the song removed just in minutes from all the social networks and platforms in which it is uploaded. Trust me when I tell you that it is not a good idea to do that. Is it worth losing everything after the effort?

Before using a beat without permission, at least, request a free license, since if you are using a Beat without the corresponding license agreement of the producer, you are not authorized to use it and you may have serious problems.

That said, now you can imagine that it is best to buy beats online:

how does it work?

By buying a Beat, you are buying copyrighted audio files from the producer. In exchange for your payment, the producer grants you several rights to use the Beat. This is what we call the License Agreement.

There are different types of non-exclusive licenses, in my case they are: basic, standard, premium and unlimited. The more expensive the license, the more rights you get, the better quality of the audio files, Tracked Outs, etc.

So what is the best license to buy?
In my opinion I think it would be good for you to start with something Standard and update the license as you need it (Yes, I have a license update service so that money is not a problem for you first, so in the future you just have to pay the difference)

How do copyrights work? What happens if someone buys exclusive rights for the pace that I have licensed not exclusively? Is it safe to buy beats online?

If you have a head full of questions like these right now, so as not to do this infinite and your head explodes, it is best to read what is in each of these buttons to solve all your doubts: