Upgrade your license now

If you already purchased a license and need to upgrade to a higher license, you can upgrade your license here by following a few simple steps.

How it works

1. Complete the form

Complete the update form with all the necessary information.

2. Verification

We will check your update request to first make sure that you can update that beat without problems.

3. Pay & Upgrade

Make the payment and receive your update within 24/48 hours.

Ready to upgrade?

You only need to pay the difference between your current license and the license you want to upgrade to. Once we receive the completed form, we will send you a link to make the payment and then a download link.

    Remember to make sure the beat you want to update is still available. With the filters you can refine your search for beats, whether they are epic, serious, dramatic, flute or orchestral, you can find them by clicking on the following button.