100% Exclusive Beats for You

If you are looking for a 100% exclusive beat that only you can have and no one else can have, here I present my private catalog of exclusive beats at a really affordable price.


I have created this private catalog of totally Exclusive Beats so that you can enjoy the pleasure of being the only person on the planet to have that Beat and create an inimitable song. It is a brutal opportunity to have exclusive instrumentals at a 100% affordable price.

Before: 999,95$, Now: 199,95$

How it works

1. Choose a Beat

Choose your favorite beat and add it to the player's cart by pressing the ADD button.

2. Payment process

On this occasion, the entire purchase process will be carried out within the player.

3. Receive your beat

It will arrive immediately along with the exclusive license to the email address you have provided.

What permissions do I have with an exclusive beat?


With the Exclusive license you can really get the most out of your song and profitability. You can Upload your song to all digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer...) and MONETIZE on all of them without limit.

Professional Sound

With the tracks separated, you can edit the instrumental to suit your lyrics. Plus, your mix will sound more professional than ever!


You can also register your song in a PRO (SGAE, ASCAP, BMI...) and thanks to that you will generate publishing rights that will make you earn extra money every time you give shows, play on the radio, etc.

Content ID

And not only that, thanks to the fact that it is an Exclusive Beat you will be able to register the Content ID of your song and thus have it protected.

Remember that an Exclusive Beat is not the same as an Exclusive License. An Exclusive Beat is an Instrumental that only you and no one else will be able to enjoy. Your song will be inimitable!

+Advantages of the Unlimited License

WAV Files

You will obtain the maximum quality in the audio files.

Track Out Files

You will be able to adapt the beat to your lyrics and leave everything to your liking, piece by piece.

No Expiration Date

This license does not expire, you will be able to use your beats permanently.

Unlimited Streams

This license has no Streams limits. Focus on enjoying your song.

Monetize on Youtube

This license allows you to monetize your video on YouTube and earn money with the reproductions.

Monetize on Spotify

You can also upload and monetize your songs on all digital platforms such as Spotify.

Paid Performances

You will be able to earn money with your performances thanks to the permissions of this license.

Show on Radio & TV

You will have permission to appear on Radio and TV with your songs.

Register in PRO´s

You will generate extra money with the publishing rights.

And the best...

The beat will be deleted from the store automatically when purchased, thus guaranteeing that it will only be for you.


Here's how much you'll save per beat with the offer.


Very limited units. Do not miss yours.


Exclusive beats that only you and no one else will have.

Non-Exclusive Beats

If you have not found what you were looking for on this page or you prefer leasing licenses for your beats, here you can find a wide variety of genres such as Rap, R&B, Lo-Fi or Trap among many others. You can also filter by instruments like Piano or Guitar and even filter by emotions like Sad or Happy. This way it will be very easy to find your ideal beat.


(Exclusive beats are not included in any type of regular in-store offers such as 2X1 or discount codes.)