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Do you need beats for your new song? Get Rap beats and urban music for sale online, create songs with a brutal sound thanks to the high quality stems they include and earn 100% of the money you generate with them by uploading them to all platforms on the market.

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Beat Licenses

Cover all your needs (from uploading to spotify to worldwide commercial use) without limits or expiration date and choose the license that's perfect for you. Discover the benefits and permissions of each license and get ready to ring on all platforms.


29,95€ Ideal for beginner artists who want to publish the song on Youtube, Spotify, etc.
  • ● Untagged MP3+WAV
  • ● No expiration date
  • ● Unlimited Streams
  • ● Sell Unlimited Copies
  • ● Upload to Youtube
  • ● Upload to Spotify, Deezer, etc
  • ● Track Out Files
  • ● Youtube Monetization
  • ● Paid Performances
  • ● Radio & TV Broadcasts
  • ● Register in a PRO (SGAE, ASCAP...)


99,95€Ideal for professional artists who need total flexibility. Earn money with your music!
  • ● Untagged MP3+WAV
  • ● No expiration date
  • ● Unlimited Streams
  • ● Sell Unlimited Copies
  • ● Upload to Youtube
  • ● Upload to Spotify, Deezer, etc
  • ● Track Out Files
  • ● Youtube Monetization
  • ● Paid Performances
  • ● Radio & TV Broadcasts
  • ● Register in a PRO (SGAE, ASCAP...)

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Buying is really easy:

  • Choose the Beat that you like the most.
  • Add it to the cart choosing your favorite license.
  • Go to the shopping cart.
  • Click the checkout button.
  • Fill in your personal information and payment information.
  • Receive the beat and the license immediately in your email.

You can pay with a credit/debit card, Paypal, Google Pay or Apple Pay. Therefore, all payments will be handled automatically without the need for manual checks and they are 100% secure payments.

The delivery is immediate. When making the payment, you will be redirected to a screen from which you can download the rhythms and the contract. In addition, you will receive an email with the receipt of your purchase and a button to download the files. If you can’t see this email in your inbox, it’s probably because it’s in your ‘Spam’ folder.

Today it is very easy to record the audio that sounds on a website, so to avoid improper copies, voices have been inserted throughout the Beat. By purchasing a license, the files you will get will not contain those voices.


What do you mean when you say “No Tag”? : It means that the rhythm will be delivered without the voice playing over the sample in the music player. I mean the ones that say “Gradozero Beats” or “Listen to This” or “Purchase your tracks today”

Yes, it varies depending on the date but you can see it announced in the top bar of the website.


How to use a discount package correctly?

If this discount is 2X1 for example. For it to work, you must add 2 beats with the same license to the cart and when you go to pay, you will see that you will only pay for 1.


Right now you have a 2X1 offer and a beat pack offer with an unlimited license available (you add 10 beats with an unlimited license to the cart and you will only pay for 3).

They are not really free beats, they are DEMO versions, that is, a demonstration so you can download and write at home. In order to use the beat and upload your song online you must purchase a license.


What is the purpose of having a license?

Having a license is used to upload your song to the internet (Instagram, YouTube, Spotify… wherever you need to upload it). The license is a contract that gives you permission to use the instrumental to upload your song to any online platform.


If I buy a license, can I market my song?

Yes, always respecting the limits and permissions of the acquired license.

Yes, both.


You can access a catalog of 100% exclusive beats that no one else in the world can have but you by clicking on the following link: ACCESS THE CATALOG OF EXCLUSIVE BEATS.


You can also buy any beat from the catalog with an exclusive license to be the last person who can buy the beat (that is, after your purchase, no one else will be able to buy it and the beat will be removed from the store but the people who have bought it before with non-exclusive licenses will still be able to use it). Click the following link to ACCESS THE CATALOG OF EXCLUSIVE LICENSES.


(The rest of the Beats in the catalog are non-exclusive licenses)


What is the difference between Leasing and Exclusive licenses?

The main difference between a leasing license (non-exclusive) and an exclusive license is that the leasing license can continue to be sold to more people and the exclusive license can only be sold to one person (the license, not the beat). It is important to clarify that it is not an exclusive beat, but rather an exclusive license, this means that the beat may have previously been sold with leasing licenses before its exclusive license was sold.


Can I continue to use the rhythms I have purchased as a lease license after the exclusive rights have been sold? Yes. The sale of exclusive rights does not affect previously sold licenses.


I have purchased the exclusive rights. Can the beat be rented again? Has it been rented before? Once a beat is sold under an exclusive license, we are no longer allowed to sell a license to that beat. On the other hand, a beat may have been leased to multiple people before it has been exclusively sold.

Have the Track Out | Stems (the instrumental tracks) are ideal for mixing and recording in a studio. Not only can you edit the structure to suit your song however you want, but it’s also the best choice when you’re mixing and want to get a really professional sound.

Yes, if you own a non-exclusive license, you can upgrade your license to any higher license type if the exclusive rights are still available and have not been sold yet. If the exclusive rights have already been sold and are no longer available, you will no longer be able to upgrade your license so be quick before you miss out on the opportunity. You can access the Update form by clicking on this link: UPGRADE LICENSE. We will credit the amount you have already paid and deduct it from the price of the desired license.

Yes. We can make the beat of your dreams together, 100% tailored to you (you will even participate in the creation process).


In addition to being 100% for you, it will be an exclusive beat that only you can have. Your song will sound UNIQUE. In the following link you can obtain all the details about this service: Custom Beats

Yes, if you want your song to sound professional like those of your favorite singers, the mixing and mastering service is what you need.


You can even review the mix with me in real time to give it the final touches together!


In the following link you have all the details and prices: Mixing and Mastering Service

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Buy Beats Online: Rap, Trap, R&B, Drill and More

Are you looking for quality beats with a unique sound for your next songs? You are in the right place. Here you will find a huge variety of rap beats, trap beats, R&B beats, drill beats… and all available. No matter what your style is or what you are looking for, it is available here. You can filter by genre, instrument and emotion to find the perfect beat that sparks your inspiration and helps you write a new hit. Even if you need it, I can make a custom beat for you.

Why Buy Rap Beats Online?

Buying rap beats online has never been so easy and secure. Here you can download your beats and your licenses in seconds. As soon as you finish the payment, delivery is immediate. In addition, you can enjoy the most secure payment methods such as PayPal, credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay. And if you want to try your lyrics before you buy, free DEMO downloads are also available.

Buy Beats Online and Create Hit Songs

With over 20 years in the business, I have helped hundreds of clients create hit songs. Renowned artists such as Nach, ZPU, Ambkor, Rapsusklei, Lopes, Nikone, Shotta, Morodo and many more have trusted me with their productions. Buying beats online here means accessing experience and proven quality.

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Who is Gradozero Beats?

My name is Mike Alemany, better known as Gradozero Beats. My passion for music began as far back as I can remember, making my first songs in 1998. Throughout these years I have created more than 200 songs and 14 albums under the name Elemento Clab. In 2012 I decided to specialize in music production and set up my official online beat store. Since then, I’ve produced thousands of instrumentals and helped over 400 artists bring their songs to life. Some have also trusted my mixing and mastering service, causing their songs to accumulate more than 150 million streams. My style is far from the type beats you find on YouTube; I offer a unique and clean sound that inspires and makes a difference. Let yourself be carried away by my sound and start creating unique songs with unforgettable melodies.

Beats Royalty Free: No Copyright Issues

One of the great advantages of my catalog is that all my beats are royalty free. This means that you will not have third-party copyright problems when uploading your songs. Each beat is composed from scratch or using freely available samples, offering a security that not all producers can guarantee. You can focus on creating without worrying about legal problems.

Work with me and you will benefit from:

✅ More than 20 years of experience in the industry.
✅ Hundreds of Beats with a unique and personal style.
✅ Structured beats to enhance your song.
✅ Beats made to measure and to your liking.
✅ Professional Mixing and Mastering Service.
✅ Personalized customer service.
✅ Secure payment and immediate delivery.

If you are one of those who spend hours rapping / singing, looking for Type Beats to download rap tracks and working on getting the best rhymes out of your head to break it more than Bizarrap sessions. So let me tell you that you are in the right place. Do you need beats that make a difference?

Access the complete catalog and enjoy 300+ Beats available


I have worked with:

Do you have any doubt? Write me to info@gradozerobeats.com and I will be happy to answer you