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Do you need music for your new song? Buy Rap, Trap, Lofi, Reggaeton and urban music bases for sale online, create songs with a brutal sound thanks to the high quality tracks that they include and earn 100% of the money you generate with them by uploading them to all the platforms of the world. market.


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Cover all your needs (from uploading to spotify to worldwide commercial use) and choose the perfect license for you. Discover the benefits and permissions of each license and get ready to play on all platforms.


34.95€ Ideal for beginning artists who want to publish the song on YouTube, Spotify, etc.
  • ● Untagged MP3+WAV
  • ● No expiration date
  • ● 100.000 Streams
  • ● Sell 5.000 Copies
  • ● Upload to Youtube
  • ● Upload to Spotify, Apple Music, etc
  • ● Track Out Files
  • ● Youtube Monetization
  • ● Paid Performances
  • ● Radio Stations
  • ● Register in a PRO (SGAE, ASCAP...)


179.95€Ideal for professional artists who need total flexibility. Earn money with your music!
  • ● Untagged MP3+WAV
  • ● No expiration date
  • ● Unlimited Streams
  • ● Sell Unlimited Copies
  • ● Upload to Youtube
  • ● Upload to Spotify, Apple Music, etc
  • ● Track Out Files
  • ● Unlimited YT Monetization
  • ● Unlimited Performances
  • ● Unlimited Radio Stations
  • ● Register in a PRO (SGAE, ASCAP...)

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Your 6 favorite beats at a price you won't believe when you see it.

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Make your song sound professional like you've always dreamed of.

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A beat made for you and that no one else will have. You will sound unique!

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¿Te ha pasado?

Te descargas un Beat gratis, haces una canción con ella pero luego resulta que no la puedes subir a ningún sitio porque no tienes derechos. Yo también he sido artista por muchos años así que conozco las 2 caras de la moneda y conozco tus necesidades como artista.

Aquí podrás encontrar licencias adaptadas a tus necesidades para que puedas lanzar tus canciones de Rap, Trap, Drill, Reggaeton, R&B, Pop, Lofi o cualquier otro estilo de la música urbana y aparecer en todas las plataformas del mercado como Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, etc

“Did you know that I was also an artist and I released 14 albums? Curious, right? I have seen both sides of the coin and thanks to that I know perfectly your needs as an artist.

Since then, more than 20 years have passed and many things have happened along the way. Among other achievements, I have been the winner of the Redbull Batalla de los Gallos producer contest and today, I have worked with more than 600 independent artists and their songs accumulate more than 90M streams.

I have created the Beats Licenses so that you can enjoy high-quality Rap, Trap, Pop, Lofi, etc. Beats (like the ones professional artists use when they work with me) with prices adapted to your current needs. It is a catalog of original Beats with which you can earn money and differentiate yourself as an artist. Forget using Free Beats from Youtube and take a leap in your music career”

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