6 Beats with unlimited license for €300

Did you know about this offer? You get the 6 Beats that you choose for the price of 2. An offer that I have created so that you can throw great songs and get the most out of them (and save €600 at a stroke). If you still have doubts, I’ll explain how it works:

How it works?

This offer is really easy to apply. To get it you only have to add 6 Beats, each with the unlimited license (the offer does not work with another license) and when you see your cart you will be able to check how the offer has been applied correctly. As simple as that!

What permissions do I get with the unlimited license?

With the Unlimited license you can really get the most out of your song and profitability. You can Upload your song to all digital platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer…) and MONETIZE on all of them without limit.

You can also register your song in a PRO (SGAE, ASCAP, BMI…) and thanks to that you will generate publishing rights that will make you earn extra money every time you give shows, play on the radio, etc.

With the separate tracks, you will be able to edit the instrumental to suit your lyrics and not only that: The mix will sound more professional than ever!

The license has no expiration date, so you can have your songs online forever!

Find your favorite bases and add them to this pack. It could be a Piano Instrumental, a sad Instrumental, a Freestyle Rap beat, a Reggaeton rhythm, a Trap Beat… You have everything in the catalogue! Type Beats and unique style instrumentals to get your best rap rhymes or your best tones.

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