How it Works?

For the offer to work you only have to add 10 Beats to the cart, the ones you choose, each one with the unlimited license (the offer does not work with another license) and when you see your cart you will be able to check how the offer has been applied correctly. As simple as that!

Advantages of the Unlimited License

WAV Files

You will obtain the maximum quality in the audio files.

Track Out Files

You will be able to adapt the beat to your lyrics and leave everything to your liking, piece by piece.

No Expiration Date

This license does not expire, you will be able to use your beats permanently.

Unlimited Streams

This license has no Streams limits. Focus on enjoying your song.

Monetize on Youtube

This license allows you to monetize your video on YouTube and earn money with the reproductions.

Monetize on Spotify

You can also upload and monetize your songs on all digital platforms such as Spotify.

Paid Performances

You will be able to earn money with your performances thanks to the permissions of this license.

Show on Radio & TV

You will have permission to appear on Radio and TV with your songs.

Register in PRO´s

You will generate extra money with the publishing rights.

10 Opportunities to break it with your music

Multiply X10 the chances of achieving success with your songs and going viral worldwide.

  • Youtube Views
  • Spotify Streams
  • TikTok Challenges
  • Total Monetization
  • Global Visibility
  • Viralization on Social Networks
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Multiply X10 your chances of success worldwide.


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