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Remember to use the filters to find beats by Genre, Instrument, Emotion, etc.



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1. Press PLAY button on a Beat.

2. Click on the ADD button in the audio player.

3. Choose a license and click on the ADD TO CART button.

4. Finalize your purchase by pressing the CHECKOUT button.


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Rap beats for your new song

In Gradozero Beats you will find the best Rap Beats ideal for your new song. You can find instrumentals to improvise, sad, happy, powerful, piano, guitar beats, etc. You will not only find Rap instrumentals, you will also be able to find other musical genres such as Trap Beats, R&B instrumentals, Lofi Beats and much more. Use the filters to find your ideal beat.

Why buy beats at Gradozero?

Gradozero is a Music Producer with more than 20 years of experience in the industry. He perfectly knows your needs as an artist since he also released 14 albums as an artist and that’s why he knows exactly what an instrumental needs to convey the emotion your song needs. Gradozero has worked with large multinationals and hundreds of artists around the world. Making your new song with a Gradozero Beat is a guaranteed hit.

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