Custom Beats – Terms of Service

Custom Beats – Terms of Service


By submitting a request for one of the Custom Beats packages, you automatically agree to the following terms.

General Terms of Service
You confirm that you have read the entire Custom Beats page and fully understand the services that are provided within the packages.

Exclusive License

By submitting a request, you state that you fully understand and agree to the terms in the Exclusive License Contract.

Download & Review the Exclusive License here

Unrightfully and/or unauthorised forwarding, copying or any form of reproduction of the sample(s) is strictly prohibited.

Payments & Refunds
The payment of the signal will be made before the evaluation and will be refundable in case of not being eligible for the Personalized Beats Service. All transactions and payments made for services once the production process begins will be made before it and will not be refundable (unless otherwise agreed). In the case of payment in 2 installments, the second installment will be paid within a maximum period of 31 days from the first payment and the Beat will not be delivered until the second installment is completed. In case of not paying the second installment, the first payment will not be refundable and the Beat will be put on sale on the website.

Duration & Commitment
By submitting a request we ask for 100% commitment throughout the entire project. This also acquires making every effort to review and respond to the created samples within 7 days after receiving them.

We also ask to review and respond as quickly as possible to any and all updated versions that are being sent throughout the entire project.

All services provided in the packages have to be used within 2 months after the start of the Production Process.

If a project takes up longer than 2 months, Gradozero Beats has the right to stop the entire project at any time, unless discussed otherwise and confirmed in writing by Gradozero Beats himself. Gradozero Beats is then no longer obligated to complete the services included in the packages if deadlines are not respected and all previous payments remain non-refundable.