Tips for buying beats online

Have you ever tried to buy a Beat Online but when you saw the licenses you did not understand what rights you are entitled to or what differences there are between the different licenses? or worse still: You have found the perfect Beat, you have written spectacular lyrics but when you have gone to the Online Store you have found the beat as: ¨SOLD¨


Now I am a producer and I sell Beats, but for more than 10 years I was in your place, dreaming of becoming a successful artist.

I spent hours searching for the perfect Beat for my new idea and when I finally found it, I downloaded the free version to record the song without having any idea that there were licenses to buy. Since I didn’t know much about recording, mixing and mastering (in fact I only knew how to raise and lower volumes, reverb, delay and little else) I thought that an MP3 file was more than enough to make my song (All Beat in one Only MP3 that took up little space seemed perfect!).

All this was many years ago. Many years before I started selling my own Beats Online, which was when I realized the importance of knowing all this and I am sure that there are many artists who are currently in the same situation I was in years ago. That is why I would like to give you the advice that I would have liked to receive when I started and I was totally lost and uninformed.


Check if the Beat is still on sale on the producer’s website.

After hours of searching, you finally find the Beat you like on YouTube and directly start writing your… ..STOP!
Before writing anything go to the website of the producer of that Beat and make sure it is still available.
It is a pity when the artist has already written all his song about a Beat and finds that it is sold exclusively. You can not imagine how many times they have written to me to ask for a beat and I have disappointed them by answering that it is no longer available. Even on many occasions they had already written the complete song! and that is a nuisance because once a producer sells a Beat exclusively, he is no longer allowed to license it to other artists.
When you find rhythms on YouTube, it is best to go directly to the producer’s page, since on YouTube you cannot always know by title or description if the Beat is still for sale.

Another reason to go to the producer’s website is to verify if it is trusted. Most producers work with third-party platforms such as BeatStars or Airbit to manage the purchase and send the Beat. That’s great! But there are still some producers who use very primitive alternative methods, such as asking you to make the payment first and then send the files manually. In that case make sure that producer is still active and respond to your emails and if you still have doubts, use Paypal when you buy Beats since you can always start a claim if a producer does not send you the Beats you have bought.


Do not buy MP3 beats if you consider yourself a professional artist!

As I told you at the beginning, I used to download Beats in MP3 format and… Big Error! why?
The MP3s have very little sound quality and the difference is really noticeable, especially when you send your song to mix and master it. Even some audio engineers refuse to mix the song if the Beat is in MP3, you can ask them.
But that is not all. Imagine that you create the HIT of the year and want to send it to the radio and record companies. On the radio they will not put your song if it is not high quality and the record companies, with the amount of work they receive each day, if the audio of your song is bad they will not even listen to it, they will go directly to the next one and you will have missed an opportunity of gold. You don’t want that to happen, right?

If you want quality, the best option is the license that comes with the Track Out. This includes all files separated from the Beat without mastering, compressing or limiting. Perfect for a professional mix. It is true that these licenses are more expensive, therefore, if it does not fit into your budget, look directly for the license that has the Beat in WAV format.


Know ALL your rights before buying a Beat

It may seem obvious but it is better to emphasize this issue. Normally producers have some license tables in which you can see the differences between the different types of licenses but that is only the summary of the summary. That’s why you always read the full license agreement in pdf. Do not be fooled, there is always small print somewhere. Believe me when I tell you that there you will not see all the information on the producer’s website at first, so always make sure you read the license agreement before buying a Beat.

By clicking HERE I help you to solve your doubts such as: the difference between Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Beat.


Keep your eyes open! Do not trust anyone!

Nowadays it is very easy to sell anything online, even Beats so make sure you know who you are dealing with.
Some producers want to sell you exclusive rights for $ 50 without showing you the details of the contract, others write to you on DM to social networks trying to sell you an Exclusive Beat by sending you a paypal link to make you pay promising to send you the beat files later. Other producers ……And I could extend the list more and more. These are the type of producers that are here for the money and nothing else, something very dangerous to do business and this is something you cannot trust. Sometimes they just don’t know how the business works or they are just starting.

Obviously not all are like that but you have to be very careful so, whenever you do business with an online producer (especially if it is exclusive rights) be sure to check everything before making the payment. If necessary, discuss all the details of the sale and the contract and make sure you have a signed copy by the producer once you have made the payment. The producer will be happy to do so, so if you see that he acts strangely in this situation, it is best to leave the deal as soon as possible.


Always ask for bulk offers

There are many occasions when artists who bought 2 Beats from my website may have obtained 4 for the same price but they simply did not see the ad to add 2 more beats to their cart for free. Therefore, if you have found several beats that you like from the same producer, do not hesitate to send him an email asking about bulk offers because he will almost certainly have an offer. Also, even if you don’t have a bulk beats offer, you will always be open to make a deal (as long as it is not a ridiculous offer). Try it and you will see that it really works.

All these tips that I give you come from my personal experiences as an artist and producer. Selling and buying beats online has become super easy these days. You just have to know what you are doing and understand a little about the basics before you start spending money with the producers.

I hope they can help you.




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